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Thread: Kopano 8.1 - Outlook 2016 online search via Active Sync

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    Initial sync with Outlook 2013/2016 via Active Sync hangs (Kopano 8.1 / Z-Push 2.3)

    Thread topic changed to "Initial sync with Outlook 2013/2016 via Active Sync hangs (Kopano 8.1 / Z-Push 2.3)" after original question has been answered. Post 3


    Iam trying to use Microsoft Outlook 2016 connected via Active Sync to Kopano 8.1. No KOE involved so far.

    I set the sync period to 1 month. For elements older than that I expected to be able to search when online directly on the server as it works for example on my Blackberry connected via active sync to the same mailbox.
    Does Outlook not support that feature or is the KOE neccessary for that ?

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    Hello lw3234,

    when having an ActiveSync account configured Outlook only supports local searching.

    Up until now there has been no request to integrate the server side search into KOE, but since we can't really hook into the native search dialogue, this probably would need to be an extra dialogue accessible from the Kopano ribbon. I'm not sure if this would be an accepted behaviour for most users. (e.g. then it might be easier to say: "If you want to search the whole of your mailbox you have to sync the whole of your mailbox").
    Regards Felix

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    Hi Felix,

    thank you for your fast response !

    Well, my first intention was to sync the whole mailbox. However, after importing my large reference pst file to kopano (you might remember the thread in that topic), initial synchronization with either Outlook 2013 or 2016 gets stuck in the middle of large folders. In different approaches it always stops syncing during large folders like deleted items or sent items somewhere around 700 of 8000. Outlook in this case just seems to stop receiving data. Looking at the z-push log I can see sometimes a mobile loop, very often just nothing. z-push admin says that sync is in progress, but after 24h not even one more item got synced. Same behavior I also can observed if I set the sync period to 1 month. Here around 60 items in deleted items get synced, then it gets stuck again.
    Just to compare I tried the Icewarp Desktop Client as it supports Active Sync; Everything got synced within 20min at the first attempt without any issue. What I am missing here ?

    So that's why I got the idea to use the online search.


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    Hello Ludwig,

    I have quite some larger folders here as well, but could not see such issues. I'd say that the problem is not related to KOE, but more in Outlook and its ActiveSync implementation. To say anything more a wbxml log out of z-push would be required.
    Regards Felix

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    Zarafa ALPHA/BETA/RC feedback in BETA forum please.
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    Zarafa documentation:

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    Hello Felix,

    I agree, I also would see it more as an Outlook issue regarding its Active Sync implementation.

    Today I set the maximum sync period via z-push.config to 1day only. Afterwards the sync finished without any problem. I then increased the sync period constantly to this point where the synchronization process hangs. It is always the 732th of 7461 items in the deleted items folder.
    With the log level of Z-push set to wbxml I only can see that the sync process hangs in several mobile loops which is basically it. Anyway it does not seem to recover from that and just stays in it.

    In my opinion the process crashes on some corrupted mail item due to the way Microsoft implemented Active Sync as other Active Sync Clients do not have any problem with that particular mailbox.

    I attached the log, maybe you can see more in it than me.

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    I spent quite some time searching for the issue yesterday without any success... Here is what I did:

    1. Imported another pst file to a different mailbox.
    - Same issue, the initial sync stops after some messages and does not continue, even after closing and opening Outlook again.
    - The error is not related to a specific mailbox or due to a corrupted message (pst content is completely different from the other one)

    2. Set the max. sync period in Z-Push from "All" to "1DAY", "2WEEKS", "1MONTH" etc.
    - Every sync period below 1 month works fine. If 1 month or more is set the sync hangs.
    - I then tried to narrow it down to maybe a corrupted message within the folder where the sync stops without success. In the end the folder was empty and the sync stopped anyway.
    - The error is not related to any corrupted message or content of the mailbox. -> the issue must be somewhere in the sync process itself.

    3. Set the WindowFrame in Z-Push from 512 to 1
    - No change, the sync process stops at exactly the same point.
    - The error is not caused due to too much information processed at a time.

    4. Set the php memory limit from 128M to 1024M.
    - No change, the sync process stops at exactly the same point.
    - The error is not caused by a lack of resources. No apache errors etc. were logged.

    5. Removed "WindowsOutlook" from the list of devices that are allowed a large timeframe to respond back in Z-Push config
    - No change, the sync process stops at exactly the same point.
    - The sync process does not stop due to a timeout issue on the network.

    6. Reduced the pushduration for Outlook via Registry to 1min as described here
    - No change, the sync process stops at exactly the same point.
    - The sync process does not stop due to a timeout issue on the network.

    7. Monitored the network traffic on the client during the peroid where the sync stops
    - The first 5min data is requested and sent by z-push nicely transmitting at high speeds; For each request new connections between Outlook and z-push are opened via different TCP ports.
    At some point suddenly 2 requests are not answered anymore and the sync does not continue.
    - At the same point several mobile loops are logged in z-push.log
    - My assumption would be to say that Outlook requested some data several time as it might have waited to long for answer from z-push. However, in this case reducing the WindowsFrame to 1 as I did in No.3 should have solved the Problem.

    8. Review all the logs there are in the server in order to see some related problems.
    Short: There are none. Neither in apache2 or kopano nor in the system logs.

    Summing up: I am out if ideas what to try next in order to narrow it down....

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    Hi Ludwig,

    I had a look at your log, but there is not much in it. It just shows a ping request from Outlook which Z-Push cancels as there are unsynchronized folders. The answer of the Ping request actually tells Outlook to synchronize these folders. There is no sync request coming in afterwards.

    I have seen similar behaviour before, when you send Outlook a message in folder where Outlook does not expect it.
    E.g. if you have deleted calendar objects or contacts in your deleted items folders (which for outlook only accepts emails).

    From the log it seems that there is also a BlackBerry device connected. Does this sync successfully?

    - What does the status line of Outlook say? In the mentioned case (wrong type of items), Outlook gets stuck with a message like "Updating Deleted Items...".
    - Could you add more log? Ideally close Outlook and then start it again so it tries to request data from the server.
    - From the log I see there are 46 folder states known, of which 24 are synchronized (I don't see how many messages each folder has). Ping tells OL to synchronize 30 folders.

    Outlook synchronizes all folders in one request. Normally the sync happens in the same order as Outlook requests these folders, but the order could change. In a WBXML log of the Sync command you should actually see the data that is being sent to Outlook (and the potential issue). This is sensitive data, you could also provide us this log over a private channel.

    We need more logs to help you, but I still guess there is something wrong with a message in one (or more) folders.


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    Hi Sebastian,

    thank you for having a look at my logs.

    Yes, deleted items contains objects like calendar or contacts.
    Yes, Outlook shows "Updating Deleted Items..."
    Yes, Blackberry synchronizes without problem (and by the way also Icewarp on Desktop using ActiveSync)

    To make long things short, I removed those items from the deleted items folder in the period till 1 month, afterwards the sync with 1 month as limit ran through without any problem. I will go ahead and try to sort the whole folder tomorrow to see if a full sync also works without further problems.

    However, you were right this seems to be exactly the issue you described.

    Question is: When using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange it is actual behaviour if calendar items, notes, contacts are deleted that they are moved to the general "deleted items" folder. For me this is even the exspectation what should happen in this case. Because of your hint now I recognized that when connected via Active Sync all items despite mail is permanentaly deleted instead of being moved to deleted items.

    So... why those items that exist normally on exchange mailboxes within the deleted items folder do not break other active sync clients but outlook ?
    Are contact items allowed in other folders than "contacts" except deleted items or is this specified for active sync to have items of one kind only in their respective folder ?

    @ Felix
    Regarding Kopano pst import this seems to be an issue in my eyes. If one plans to use this tool in order to migrate from MS Exchange to Kopano one would currently import all those items in the deleted items folder that are going to break the active sync process without Outlook as I experienced. Deleting those items during import is also no option. So why not convert them into email objects to at least preserve the information which can than by found again through the search ?

    Sebastian, again thank you very much for your help ! I somehow found that hint nowhere while searching for ideas what could be the issue...


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    just wanted to report back:

    The synchronization problems seem clearly be due to wrong message types in folders where they cannot be synced as well as corrupted messages. To be honest it is a mess, I am now hunting for 2 days messages that keep blocking the sync process one by one in a mailbox containing more than 26k items.
    Despite missplaced objects I found that some mail that was imported via pst import got corrupted and cannot even be opened my Kopano WebApp. So far I did not find a way to identify them but by clicking on each item and try to preview it....

    I am really not sure how this is supposed to work in a business environment ? Regarding the missplaced items problem I modified the kopano_pst_import myself to sort out such objects whichs type does not fit the folder class it is tried to be imported to. This works pretty nice, but for the corrupted messages I do not have any idea.

    I tried to read the z-push log, but somehow I cannot find out where to see which message causes the stop of the sync process...

    Any ideas ?

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    Hi again,

    I got great news I found the issue and I guess you will like it:

    • I turned on the advanced logging on Outlook (actually, I did not know that there is something like that "Options - Advanced - More"). Afterwards Outlook produces a huge amount of logs during the sync process. EAS logs are stored under "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\EASLogFiles\ ".
    • Locking at the log I precisely could see when the error happend and could read about the cause:
        <Message>Argument is invalid</Message>
        <Details>NativeBodyTypes: unknown enum</Details>
    • After that error, Outlook cancel the call:
        <!--Outlook canceled the call.-->
          <headers>Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
      Content-Type: application/
      MS-ASProtocolVersion: 14.0
      X-MS-WL: Outlook/1.0
      X-TransactionID: {50A221D4-1327-41FF-96DD-BA9A18CDE073}
    • Searching the internet about "NativeBodyType" I was pretty surprised when I found this:
      Iam running Z-Push 2.3.4 so this bug should be fixed...
    • Nevertheless I started digging into "mapiprovider.php" and grabbing some additional logging information during the sync process. Regarding the NativeBodyTypes of the objects I found then that I had around 10 mail-objects with a nativebodytype = 0.
    • The rest was quite simple, I had the 0, if detected during the sync, replaced by 1 (=Plain Text) - Result: The whole sync ran through without any problem the first time...

    What bugs me a little is that regarding the already existing and marked as solved bug only the appointments got checked and not the rest of the object types. Moreover I found on the position in question in the code the following comment: "//TODO contentclass and nativebodytype and internetcpid" :-) Yes, you need to take care of nativebodytypes here as well.

    Some additional information: All 10 mail objects with nativebodytype 0 have been mail delivery notifications that are sent back by MS Exchange Server if you set the option.


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