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Thread: Huge problems isntalling Zarafa 7.2.4 on Ubuntu 14.04lts

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    Huge problems isntalling Zarafa 7.2.4 on Ubuntu 14.04lts

    I'm having a really hard time installing zarafa on my server. I have had it instelled before, but after a crash I need to format and install everything again.
    I'm also a rookie on Linux, so I guess that it's mainly simple errors, that I have done.

    I'm downloading the latest zarafa (opensource), and when I'm running dpkg - *deb I get alot of errors:

    If I then do a apt-get -f install it keeps going, but I can never log in to webaccess, if I look under /etc/apache2/sites-available I don't find webaccess here at all....

    What am I doing wrong?
    Feels like it's not a configuration error, it's an installation error, or...
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    Hello alis5,

    the old webaccess is no longer part of the installation packages for quite some time. instead you need to download and install the WebApp.
    Regards Felix

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