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Thread: z-push-kopano-gabsync-2.3.4 rising warnings and error

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    thank you for your help. I will wait for released version.

    I have a question about gab-sync.php, do we need to launch this script on a regular base with cron every day or faster?
    Documentation do not clarify this question.


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    Hi Walter,

    this depends on how often you expect your GAB to change. Changes will only be sent to KOE after the script ran. The interval between the executions (e.g. daily) is then the max. time it could take for changes to be transported to Outlook.
    You could also execute the script from the userscripts, e.g. create a file in /etc/kopano/userscripts/createuser.d. You would still miss updates, but at least new users will be available immediately.

    The script execution is normally really fast. You could also run it hourly or even more often.


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