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Thread: File Handling DeskApp

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    File Handling DeskApp

    Hi their,

    We had a Customer wo changed a month ago to Kopano with the DeskApp. They use DeskApp together with LibreOffice. No MS Office Suite is installed, or when, no Outlook is configured.

    Now i received many question's and issue's from the workers of the company, because they used outlook 2003, until the change, on their old enviroment.

    For some question's i found some answers here in the forum. Like when they are saved. They aren't happy with this. I hope a configuration for this is comming soon.

    Also i needed to disable the Filepreviewer plugin, because they liked it when they click normal on the attachment link, that they can choose if they wan't to preview it or to save it. They are still irritated with the right click menu their. But that was not the only issue, because i disabled it. Because they also had problem's that many file preview's of some pdf's , xls, etc. looks wrong or no exactly like in adobe reader, also the printing of this page looks different as when they printed it with adobe reader.

    But now they need always to save a file, also when they only wan't to view it and don't want to save them on their system. The DeskApp don't have the possibility to save the stuff automatically in a temp folder and delete it inside this folder after the file inside the pdf viewer, etc. Like when this is opened in a webbrowser, with their on temp folder.

    Also one of the workers save important mails on the local server company shared folder over the download feature as ".eml" file. After this, because of the automatical opening of files, they receive, when outlook is installed, the message that they shoul'd configure outlook. But the customer don't want use outlook or don't have any other mailprogram installed, he want use only the DeskApp, or the WebApp. Is their planned that ".eml" files can be opened with the DeskApp, or is their a good and simple free program witch can be used together with DeskApp, which open's ".eml" files?"

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    We will change this in the future:

    This is also planned for the near future:


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