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Thread: Z-Push broken after update to 2.3.4 on Ubuntu 16.04

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    Question Z-Push broken after update to 2.3.4 on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hi guys, yesterday I updated my z-push installation via package manager apt on ubuntu 16.04 ..

    .. and noticed, that my z-push installation seems to be broken.

    I use the combined backend with imap, caldav and carddav and it worked very well. There seems to be no php mapi module for ubuntu 16.04 and php7.

    Is there any ẃay back to 2.3.3?

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    It seems you have a bit of a mixed up system.

    first of all the packages install to /usr/share/z-push, so this must be a leftover from a former installation. Second of all when you use the combinded backend, you don't the need Kopano backend. Maybe an old vhost got activated?
    Regards Felix

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    Hi Felix,

    you're right. I had some git versions before and therefor a symlink for /usr/share/z-push. I removed all previous z-push versions and uninstalled the latest 2.3.4+0 package and did a fresh reinstall of 2.3.4+0

    This are my installed packages ..

    But I get the following message of kopano backend:

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    Seems like your combined backend tries to include the Kopano backend (which is not available/installed).
    Try changing the combined configuration so BackendKopano is not used for any folder type. Then these errors should go away.

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    Got it! After reinstalling, the combinedBackend includes the kopanoBackend again and throws this error in cause of its not installed.

    Thank you for your quick and helpful response.

    Greetings from Leipzig. :^)

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