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Thread: Zarafa -> Kopano Migration using Samba ADS

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    Zarafa -> Kopano Migration using Samba ADS


    We are using zarafa 7.2.4 with users stored in a samba4 ADS, by adding the zarafa schema with the script provided here.
    As kopana seems to be the way to go, I am trying to find out, how to imgrate.

    Is there a way to delete the zarafa schema from the samba ADS?
    Or can I export all ADS entries and import them into a new directory and add the new kopano schema afterwards?

    As far as I found out, I could just stay an the zarfa schema, even when using kopano.
    But as we are planning to switch our samaba server anyway, I would like to set it up with the new schema and not to keep the old one in it.

    Any ideas how to do this?

    Thank you

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    Hello Vogi,

    never tried to do this personally, but for the original AD I've been told that its not possible to remove a once added schema. In OpenLDAP on the other hand you only need to make sure, that no objects are using attributes and object classes provided by the schema anymore, then you can remove it.

    Like you already discovered you can indeed continue to use the old Zarafa schema, the downside is that over time, there will be new attributed that will only be available in the Kopano schema.

    When migration your AD, please keep an eye on the value of your unique user attribute. If this changes between the old and the new Samba, you'd have to rehook your stores. We always recommend to keep this id.
    Regards Felix

    How to get Kopano

    Zarafa ALPHA/BETA/RC feedback in BETA forum please.
    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
    Zarafa documentation:

    No support via PM! Please contact our sales team for an offer if you want my full attention.

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    Hi Felix,

    thanks for your information. It seems, that Samba4 ADS behaves just like Microsoft. Haven't found any information about removing an added schema.
    I had a look into the new and the "old" - until now, the difference is only the name, so I will go on with this and care for the AD update afterwards.

    Maybe. I will set it up again from scratch. Until now it is not thalt big - only problem might be, that apart from the uid I have no clue how to preserve the SSID...


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