Hi all,

we have just released Z-Push 2.3.4 final (tag 2.3.4, commit cb60b14dacebef1aefba404a1b05810e3b1d27b2).

This version is PHP 7 compatible and introduces many other important changes.
We would like to thank all our community contributors and everyone who tests Z-Push and provides us feedback. Please continue doing that.

Important notes
The PHP 7 compatibility is focussed on the main Z-Push code, there can be issues with specific backends or backend functionality. For Kopano you require Kopano Core 8.2 which is not yet released as stable.

Z-Push 2.3.2 already contains fixes related to Meeting Requests on iOS. While this fix works, it's not backward compatible to ZCP 7.1.x and 7.2.x before 7.2.3 versions.
This release fixes it also for these older versions.

We did introduce two new configuration options and did some changes in the headers. These will require you to update your configuration files.

This version is required for KOE 1.2 which will be released soon. It contains an improved API to open shared folders, also in a hierarchical expected way.
It's now also possible to stop synchronizing hidden GAB objects to the KOE GAB. See here how to do this:

Changes since Z-Push 2.3.3:

[] - Options without authentication info should throw an Exception
[] - PHP7: Update Class constructors
[] - PHP7: Add braces to force desired interpretation sequence
[] - PHP7: Other fatal PHP 7 errors
[] - Retest ICS exports 'delete for all' issue and remove workaround where applicable
[] - Allow backends to enable user specific logging
[] - PHP7: Test Kopano backend
[] - PHP7: Add mbstring dependency to packages for Ubuntu 16.04
[] - Open Shared Folder API: expose a way to open and close several folders at once
[] - Open Shared Folders API: add folders hierarchically
[] - Update link to compatiblity list in config
[] - Additional log messages when working with shared folders
[] - Update trademark
[] - Use PING_HIGHER_BOUND_LIFETIME if available as a default in SyncCollections::GetLifetime
[] - Extend z-push-admin fixstates to set parentid in additional folders
[] - Add ServiceUnavailable exception
[] - Use ServiceUnavailableException in Kopano
[] - Log query string if client sends it
[] - Implement WebserviceInfo->About() - (allow WebApp to show the Z-Push version)

Bug fixes
[] - KOE: Even after setting zarafaHidden to 1 , contact can be seen in GAB of OL
[] - Deleted folder causes endless loop in Outlook
[] - Encode GlobalObjId in meeting requests depending on calendar item
[] - Short folderid hash collisions on WebserviceInfo->ListUserFolders()
[] - FolderSync does not find changes for folders with changed parent-ids
[] - SQL-States: Regexp for database name should check the whole name
[] - Fix phpwarnings and clean code
[] - spl_autoload_register conflict with other autoload when load backend
[] - CheckMapiExtVersion throws warnings for non kopano backends
[] - Change calls to deprecated mapi_openpropertytostream function
[] - Outlook over AS sync doesn't work if native body type is 0
[] - Devices using pre AS 14.0 are not able to reply/forward emails
[] - Fix "hash" warnings (GIT)
[] - Fix remaining headers
[] - Move z-push-admin and z-push-top to /usr/sbin instead of /usr/local/sbin

Code changes since Z-Push 2.3.3:

Install Z-Push 2.3.4 from the final repositories (recommended):

The tarball is available here (not recommended):

Please share your experiences and give feedback!

Z-Push dev team