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Thread: Import pst files to Kopano

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    Zarafa Development

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    hopefully also solved the 'PtypServerId value not implemented' errors:

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    Any update on the issues or even a newer version of the import-tool to test, yet ?

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    I just tried the recent version of kopano-migrate-pst - kopano-migration-pst_8.3.0~622-26.1_amd64.deb and python-kopano_8.3.0~622-26.1_all.deb:

    The following bugs I corrected myself:

    In /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/MAPI/
    line 740 and 1065 PT_SRESTRICTION needs to be replaced by "PT_SRESTRICT". Otherwise the definition cannot be found.
    line 742 "PT_SVREID = 0x00FB" definition is missing.

    In /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kopano_migration_pst/
    line 43 and 149 replace "Top of Outlook data file/" with "Top of Personal Folders/" and correct in the referring line below the array length to "path= path[24:]". After that change the pst get imported correctly into the top folder and not anymore below "Top of Personal Folders".

    However, in the pst the folders for sent items and deleted items are called "Sent Elements" and "Deleted Elements" where in Kopano those folders are named "Sent Objects" and "Deleted Objects". This leads to double folders during import which needs to be corrected manually afterwards.

    Despite the last issue, the import of my file no worked without any error message and all messages seem to be in place.


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    Hello lw3234,

    for the two issues you found a solution for I created and .

    The folder name mapping is an interesting improvement as well. I have created for this.
    Regards Felix

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    Zarafa Development

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    thanks for testing!

    you also need to upgrade python-mapi I guess, to get the PT_SRESRICT and PT_SVREID automatically.. it wouldn't hurt to add them to as well of course.

    as for the other two problems you ran into, we just created issues for them:

    we hope to fix these before 8.2 final..

    thanks again!

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    You are welcome, I am always happy to help improving.

    python-mapi I wanted to upgrade, but it has dependencies on a higher version of kopano-client, kopano-spooler etc. Therefore this was not an option as I want to stay on the official current release of Kopano for UCS and just use the pst import tool :-)

    However, "PT_SRESTRICT" was there in my version, but misspelled ("PT_SRESTRICTION") and for this reason could not be found.


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