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Thread: huwaie mobile does not work with exchange option

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    huwaie mobile does not work with exchange option

    dear all,

    I have zarafa runing for quite sometime with no problems
    i have installed via zadmin

    zarafa version zarafa-7.1.2-39121
    zpush z-push-2.1.1-1788

    couple of days back one user got a huwaie P9 Lite mobile and tried to set up with my zarafa server but the option of adding exchange account does not work
    if i use imap it works fine
    i also tried with other huwaie mobile like p6 n p7 but same problem

    after entering all the settings in account setup and selecting next it says could not connect to server

    i have before setup up many samsung s3 , s4, note and also apple ipad and iphone with absolutely no issues at all

    Has anyone come across this issue
    tried to check on net but no luck

    apprecite your help and advice



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    Hello Simon,

    Do you get some specific error messages on your phone or the log? I'm personally using a p9 lite as well and don't have any problems (but of course with a more recent z-push version). I am by the maw not using the native Huawei Mail App, but the Google one.
    Regards Felix

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    Thanks felix

    really really appreciate your quick reply

    let me check and will inform you

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    dear felix,
    sorry for the late reply
    i was having a issue with google client syncing hotmail account but my zarafa was working fine but then i found outlook client for android and everything worked fine

    thanks for your reply which really helped me



    god bless U

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