Unfortunately I am unable to test WebApp 3.2 beta but the following is a bug I have noticed in Kopano WebApp 3.1.1 on Kopano 8.1 Centos 7:

1. Single click on an email in your inbox so that it is previewed on the preview pane.
2. Type a word to search for in the search box and press Enter to begin the search.
3. Single click on one of the emails found in the search so that it is displayed in the preview pane OR double click so that it is opened in a new WebApp tab.
4. Click Print (either from the button on the top left or the one in the More Options button to the right.
5. Instead of showing a print preview/printing the email selected in step 4, the email previewed in step 1 is print-previewed/printed. The email selected in step 3 cannot be printed.

The only way to print the correct email opened from the search results is to open the email in the 'pop out' view.

I also notice that if you log into WebApp and go straight to step 2 (i.e. no email is selected in your inbox or other folders) then the correct email is previewed and/or printed at step 5.

I have tested Firefox and DeskApp on Windows and Safari and DeskApp on Mac OS X and the result is the same.

If this hasn't already been fixed in 3.2 beta 1, I hope it can get looked at soon!