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Thread: Building Web meetings from source

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    Building Web meetings from source


    I was wondering if anyone has tried building the spreedwebrtc web meetings component of Kopano from source.

    I have downloaded the packages:

    (the latest available)

    then unpacked and did the following:


    But it says that the spreedwebrtc sourcecode in src/app isn't available. What I can see is the kopano-webmeetings directory.

    I then tried to change the configure script manually to point it to the kopano-webmeetings directory but even that fails because of missing source code.

    Does anyone know how this can be built?

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    I managed to compile it by renaming the directory:



    But only so far on centos 7. I tried on ubuntu and did not quite succeed and not yet on Debian.

    In any case the build script generated by configure is wrong as it refers to an non existing directory.

    I have tested it within kopano webapp and it does work.

    Kopano devs... Please could you have a look at it? I think the build scripts are wrong...

    configure expects the directory to be called spreed-webrtc-server not kopano-webmeetings

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    At leas on gentoo, I can compile ist as kopano-webmeetings, when changing the config and automake scripts from spreed-webrtc-server to kopano-webmeetings.
    Not that big thing, but of course, it would be nice, if the scripts were correct.


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