So I wanted to do something which I thought would be very easy... run my python scripts from a remote server. I could not be more wrong.

I run all my scripts from a central server. The benefit is that rather then having scripts running all over the place, they are all in one centrally located locations.

But I have run into some problems:
  1. I figured out that I needed to install the zarafa-client package and all it's dependencies. (including zarafa=python and zarafa-mapi)
  2. I then learned I need to create an /etc/zarafa/admin.cfg file (which took me a while to find the syntax)
  3. Then I found that python won't work unless it is use across a SSL connection (i.e. https://zarafa:237/zarafa ) even though all the components (like gateway and ical) use http://zarafa:236/zarafa without a problem!
  4. I looked up the documentation about how to setup an SSL cert and modify the server.cfg file. But it makes a great deal of assumptions about using a self-signed CA, passwords and using their script.
  5. The documentation also doesn't explain the admin.cfg nor does it explain the "sslkeys_path" parameter
  6. It also seems that I need to create client keys?? Whereas all the other SSL connections were of the stardard Apache web SSL type, this is a different beast!

Freaking SSL is pure alchemy! I hate it, but I have maganed to create and use a central CA to issue certs for the rest of the system, but this is kicking my ass!

Any help would be appreciated!