we have "successfully" migrated from 7.1 to 7.2 during/after this migration we also changed the attachment storage from DATABASE to FILES.

Here we have some challenges.

The script db-convert-attachments-to-files runs through without any problems.
It was also telling us that the attachments will be deleted inside the DB.

We started the Zarafa Server with the necessary option and all seems fine.
From now on all attachments are stored on our Filesystem.

But re-running and checking the Database on mysql level shows that still the LOB table is used.

E.g. the output of a re-run gives us:

perl db-convert-attachments-to-files dbuser password database /zattachments delete
The size of all attachments in the database is: 164463919104 Bytes (153.17 GB)
Available space is: 444625608704 Bytes (414.09 GB)
Finding all attachments...
No attachments found.

So something is still stored in the LOB table, but I would have expected that the LOB table will be cleaned up....and the following dumps will be much smaller, which is not the case now.
Maybe the "DELETE FROM lob" did not work correctly?

Maybe someone can shed some light here?