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Thread: Kopano Outlook Extension and Outlook versions ???

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    Kopano Outlook Extension and Outlook versions ???

    Hello, before I begin testing the OL 1.1. extension, I would like to know the expected behavior versus different Outlook versions. If I understand it correctly, the extension supports Outlook from 2013 on.

    - Are there expected differences between a 2013 Click-to-Run installation and a "traditional" installation which might still be prevalent in many business environements?

    - What happens when using it with Outlook 2010? Does it not work at all (i.e. only the capabilities delivered by ActiveSync directly are available?) What is the (probably technical?) reason why the support starts with OL 2013ff?

    Thank you and best regards, Jakob Curdes

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    I am sure you will find the answers you are searching for in:
    Regards Felix

    How to get Kopano

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