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Thread: Webapp 2.2.0 Release?

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    Question Webapp 2.2.0 Release?


    Is there a release date for the Webapp 2.2.0?
    It may actually not last as long because you thereby already so doing Advertise on your site?

    Greetings, Joker.

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    By the way, is there a plan for a Mobile Website / View-Mode like Sogo (Version 3) have?

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    Hi Joker,

    Take a look at

    Btw are you referring to a responsive WebApp design?


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    Thanks, but I've seen. They says no release date for the final WebApp.
    The new design looks good, but I miss a good usability on mobile devices.

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    Hello Joker,

    Thanks for your feedback on mobile usage. The best way to get your email, calendar and contacts on a mobile device is by making use of Z-Push (provides support for ActiveSync protocol). This is natively supported by most major phone vendors, making it closely integrated with phone apps (e.g. contacts synchronized).

    Does this provide the functionality you need on your phone? If not, what kind of features would you expect from a 'mobile WebApp'?

    Kind regards, Bob

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    Not sure what Joker wants to use webapp for on a mobile device, but I am regularly using it in order to access public folder items.
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    Z-Push 2.3.4, Outlook 2013/2016, Webapp 3.2.0

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    Yes I know that the best way to get email, calendar and contacts on a mobile device is the use of Z-Push and we use it. But some times you can not use it...
    When you want to check your email not on your own device or when you want to make a note with Android devices or if you must make a remote wipe or you can not use the right mouse key on a mobile devices and so on...
    That's why it is sometimes better to have a "mobile WebApp".

    Greetings, Joker.

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    As reported to I have installed webapp 2.2.0 Beta 2 and what happens is that when I go under "Settings" I get:

    "Error, something went wrong".

    I checked the log files and nothing relevant comes up.

    This is happening on Debian 8. I also removed all previous webapp packages and only installed the webapp 2.2.0 Beta 2 and that's what I am seeing.

    ---------- Post added ----------

    It is of course possible that I am doing something wrong somewhere. I am very happy to provide root access to the virtual machine and web access if that's helpful...

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    One more question, can I run the new Webapp 2.2.0 with PHP7 under Ubuntu 16.04?

    Greetings, joker.

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    @mcost, I think we already solved this. MDM plugin caused this behavior.

    Not yet, php-mapi needs to be build against php7.
    For now I would advice downgrading php with a ppa.


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