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Thread: no free/busy info for some users

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    no free/busy info for some users

    We are using Outlook 2013 with Zarafa Server 7,2,1,51838 and client 7.2.452167 but we're experiencing some problems with viewing free/busy info for some users. I'd say 60% works and 40% doesn't. We're using a GPO to make sure it publishes free/busy data every 15 minutes. But when you make an appointment some users just have a white bar with grey stripes and it says 'no data', while i'm sure they have appointments in their calendar and they've been using the Outlook client for years. How can I troubleshoot this?

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    Have you checked sequence of the address books? The global address book needs to be the first, otherwise the free/busy scheduling takes an entry form a local address book or a LDAP source. Only server based addresses are available in the server based free/busy database.

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