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Thread: Display Mails as conversation and open Mails in new windows

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    Post Display Mails as conversation and open Mails in new windows

    Hello together,

    I got two features which I miss in the current Webapp implementation and where I was hoping to see them in Kopano Webapp.

    1. I consider the possibility to display messages as conversation on Outlook Web Access as well as in Outlook itself as essential. It is the best way to be not lost in long Mail conversations. Are there any plans to build this in future ?

    2. I personally do not like to work with tabs when it comes to mails. For me it is far easier to open a mail in a new window in order to enlarge it to full screen and work with it. Is it planed to implement the possibility to open an item in a new window rather than in a tab within webapp ?
    -> just found, this is implemented already in the latest beta: Thx!

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    Hi Ludwig,

    For #1
    Is this the ticket you're looking for: ?


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    Hi Martyn,

    that's the one. Hope to see it soon planed for an upcoming release. Currently I am evaluating to migrate from MS Exchange to Kopano/Zarafa and the option to group mails of the same topic as conversation is one of the main features I like most about Outlook Web App and Outlook as well. It just enables you to keep a very good overview.

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    Hi Martyn,

    any update on that ? Checking the tickets' status does not really keep my hope up that the feature will be implemented at all

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