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Thread: "untitled attachment" when using Outlook 2016 as active sync client

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    Hi Sebastian,

    I did a complete rebuild of my system (not a big thin an gentoo, as all packeges a build from source).
    And now, it seems to be fine. I have still no idea, what produced the error - but as all packages were built again, I haven't receceived no "untiteled attachment" anymore.
    I sent me the äöü attacment and could receive it with the correct name.

    So, indeed - it nver was a zarafa/kompano error, but some other wrong built packe - thank s for the hint!

    By the way:
    It seems, that vmime/icu/whatever problem messed up my data a little bit.
    When resyncing, some older mails create the following warnings in the z-push.log:

    Is there a way to bring back that missing mail adresses?
    Or should I just ignore that message?

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    Great to hear that it works now!

    About the emails: seems like the SMTP address can not be determined.
    Is this email from a local user that doesn't exist anymore? That could explain it.


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    Hi Sebastian,

    seems to be two issues:
    - one user doesn't exosut anymore on the server. So that seems to explain it.
    - other users exits, but they have umlauts in their "last name" (not in the email adress itself)
    I think, I messed up my database with the now solved "umlaut problem" in a way, that the name cannot be recognized correctly.
    New mails from these senders do not produce this warning.
    But the umlaut thing is also just solved for new mail with attachments. Attachments of older mails are still renamend to "untitled attachment" in outlook.

    Is there a possibility to rewrite those entries?


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    Hmmm... I am still getting "untitled attachments"

    This time, the relevant part of the raw log looks like this:
    WebApp shows the correct attachment name, which should be: :
    Gutachten Fischer+Mängelanzeige KB.pdf

    Any ideas?

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