in our test environment we're using a z-admin install with latest 7.1.14 and webapp 2.2.1.
Now i've installed files for teams and the smb-backend in order to add a share from our file server.

It's possible to add the share with manual user/passwd settings ...
zarafa-credenttials won't work as expected ...

zarafa credentials : username without domain (f.e.: bob) and it's passwd from active directory
files-plugin didn't save the settings by checking "use zarafa-credentials"

by entering the username and no passwd and hit the checkbox it works.
I would prefer, the plugin should grab the current logged in username as default if nothing is entered!

Saved attachments from an email are not shown up in the files.
- I save an attachment on the share in the subfolder "BOB"
- I click on files, navigate to BOB and the attachment is not shown
- I create a new eMail and try to add that attachment, but it's not shown

3. The UI is still complete in english instead of german.
The users store is created with de_DE.UTF-8 and the user settings are set to "Deutsch".
So why german ui is not used?

hopefully awaiting some useful answers