Hello All. Pls excuse my greenness with regard to Zarafa. Coming from an Exchange environment, a very new experience for me! ;-)

I wonder if anyone is able to shed any light?

We are trying to plan a version upgrade to Zarafa ( to 7.2.4). After several weeks of teething probs, we plan to do the works in the next couple of weeks. As far as testing goes, we can successfully port he mailbox data over without issue. However, we have noticed in the logs the recurring message, ‘setSyncStatus(): collision’ (which repeats every few seconds. When trying to contend with the issue by starting the server with the following parameter, "--restart-searches", the following message is displayed, ‘ECSearchFolders::Search() GetEntryListToObjectList failed:0x80000015’ multiple times.

This does not appear to impede functionality but so many messages are a concern for us when we don’t know what they mean and are unable to suppress them.

I can possibly provide more info if required.

Thank you in advance.