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Thread: Failed install Synology DS216 + II

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    Failed install Synology DS216 + II

    I own a Synology nas model DS216 + II but impossible to install Zarafa. At the end of the installation it said "Installation failed" without more information.
    I have installed Docker. I also tested with Debian chroot but the service does not start at all.
    Zarafa is compatible with the DS216 + II?
    Thank you

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    Hello titis14,

    Zarafa does not build packages for the Synology platform. For help on these I would recommend to contact the author of these packages.
    Regards Felix

    How to get Kopano

    Zarafa ALPHA/BETA/RC feedback in BETA forum please.
    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
    Zarafa documentation:

    No support via PM! Please contact our sales team for an offer if you want my full attention.

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    Hi titis14,

    as Felix said: please contact the autor of the package, which is me. I actually do not crawl so often in all Zarafa / Synology forums and most frequent updates are here:

    To your questions: Zarafa For Home on Synology is compatible to DS 216 + II and I reckommend using Docker. I currently work on loading the Docker Image from the Hub instead of local build which is more straightforward.
    Please wait for Zrafa4h v.0.5.4 which you can find as 'sneak previev' here
    Synology SPK Developer of Zarafa4h see Wiki [URL=""]. DS415+, DS412+, DS214play, MailServer, Zarafa4h, OwnCloud, Docker, Debian Chroot, etc.

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