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Thread: Notification sound causes confusion

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    Notification sound causes confusion

    This is from a customer comment to me:

    How can this be altered? If it's a core item that can't be changed locally, will you consider adding some alternate notification sounds? Any ETA on this?

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    Hi Caldwall,

    Please paste a list of your installed plugins. This could caused by the Desktop Notification Plugin.


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    It's just the standard Spreed whistle sound. The only plugins we have are

    Delayed Delivery
    Mobile Device Mgt
    Web Meetings
    Web App Manual

    It would be nice to have a selection of several different sounds to choose from, just like on a cell phone, so that each user can personalize the sound and know, "That is MY computer receiving a call or that is my computer receiving an instant message."

    That's what the customer was trying to point out.

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