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Thread: Which FILES plugin should I be using?

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    Which FILES plugin should I be using?

    We're running 7.2.4.x with WebApp 2.2.1.

    I've installed first the normal "files" plugin that is in the WebApp directory. Later, I uninstalled that and installed the Files for Teams 2.0 beta.

    Neither one works.

    I have a working OwnCloud server which has been up for over a year. Works fine with desktop and mobile clients.

    When I put the address in for the server in the files plugin settings and run tcpdump, I can see Zarafa attempt a connection, but it never successfully authenticates, I suppose.

    Anyone have any insight on what to look for.

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    do you have the correct path ?

    shoud be /owncloud/remote.php/webdav in files plugin settings
    I'm using zarafa 7.2.4-14 with WebApp 2.2.1 too and it works well with the files plugin from Webapp package


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    SOLVED: Files Plugin and OwnCloud

    Thank you. I had the server address set as since that is the Apache root of the installation. I moved the /owncloud to the next line and it worked.

    This needs to be added to the documentation somewhere.

    I'm using the Files for Teams Beta with that setting, btw.

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    It actually is in the documentation, along with screenshots;

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