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Thread: WebApp 2.2.1 final is now available!

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    Cool WebApp 2.2.1 final is now available!

    We’ve set a goal to make communication easier and faster, while also providing a more enjoyable experience for the user. With the introduction of WebApp 2.2.0 users benefited from a new (customizable!) look & feel, the improved the usage of shortcuts and the new filters available in the advanced search feature.

    In this first maintenance release, version 2.2.1,we solve a field issue and keyboard function and several smaller issues.

    What is in this release?

    This release resolves two important nuisances reported by our customers and partners:

    This version also resolves a total of seventeenbugs. All fixes are listed in the , but to name a few:

    Where can I get it?

    This release is made available on the and on our . The changelog can be found .

    We need your feedback!
    Let our support teams know via the regular channels or contact us via or leave a message on the Zarafa forums.

    [UPDATE - 11 July 2016]
    We have updated the packages which resolve the php-mapi-webapp issue mentioned below and a PHP script error.
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    Looking for users to test our releases, interested? send me a PM

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    Hi Suyi,

    Thanks for the latest release.

    Once again, we are seeing dependency issues with php-mapi-webapp being required for rhel-7

    The package php-mapi-webapp is missing from and we currently have 2.2.0 installed with the latest 7.2.4 RC1 php-mapi package on centos 7 x64


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    Quick update

    The introduction of Kopano has really messed up your QA/release process.

    I installed php-mapi-webapp-0-1.1.noarch.rpm from core-8.0.1-RHEL_7-x86_64 downloaded from the Kopano portal, and lo and behold, I am no longer having php-mapi-webapp dependency issues and webapp 2.2.1 installed successfully!!

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    Hi Wiz,

    It's indeed missing from the dir. For now you can grab it from the previous release.


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    Hi Martyn,

    The rpm you linked to is only compatible with Zarafa 7.2.3 .. won't install with 7.2.4


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    My bad, indeed I see: dependencies for php-mapi >= 7.1 + php-mapi <= 7.2.3

    I'll check if this dependency is still necessary for >= 7.2.4 and get back to you.

    This package does not seems to have specific php-mapi version as dependency:
    Please try that.
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    Thanks again Martyn.. I already installed that php-mapi-webapp package - see post #3.

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    Hi Wiz,

    This will be fixed in the next ZCP release.


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    Re-release of WebApp 2.2.1 due to plaintext editor issue

    An issue was discovered today where the plaintext editor was not functioning properly in some cases if keyboard shortcuts are enabled (). This issue was traced back to a packaging error, and only affects the recently released WebApp 2.2.1 final, version 42

    The WebApp 2.2.1 packages have been rebuilt and have been made available on the Zarafa portal as well as the download server. The exact package version that contains the fix is, so please install or upgrade to this version
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    Can't find the download on the Zarafa Portal nor on the download server !!!


    Ok found it on Community download


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