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Thread: SECURITY FLAW: When will this be fixed?

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    SECURITY FLAW: When will this be fixed?

    Please see this URL for a detail on a security flaw that allows the private AND public IPs of clients to be logged without the user knowing it:

    Any thoughts on this from Zarafa?

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    i mean thats how STUN works (and has to work), right?

    If at all that is a "bug" in the way WebRTC is designed and not really a flaw in our webmeetings module. And the fact that only pages that advertise the illegal download of copyright protected material mark this as a "huge security flaw" should tell you the rest.

    True is that when having WebRTC activated a website can read out the ip addresses the client uses to connect to the network. This can be an issue if your are very security aware and use different means to obscure your traces, but for the normal business user this is not really an issue imho.

    And this can even be really easy blocked, there are tons of howtos out there and its even a feature of uBlock (). Be aware that deactivating this you will probably not be able to use in network video conferences and all your traffic will be routed through your gateway.

    EDIT: or you could actually use this to upsell DeskApp. Deactivate Javascript in your regular browser and only use DeskApp to check WebApp and do WebMeetings.
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