Hi Everyone,

This announcement is to give you a heads-up about this week's “Microsoft Patch Tuesday”. This is usually the Tuesday on which Microsoft publishes their updates for Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.
Unfortunately there is a chance this update will disable our advanced collaboration features.

As we do not have preliminary access to Microsoft’s updates, we do not know what will happen. But we will update this announcement as soon as we have more information!
As usual we will provide updated clients for the new Outlook version(s) as soon as possible.

Since April Microsoft has decided to decouple their security updates from their normal updates and thus effectively introduce another Patch Tuesday. More information can be read on this .What can you do to keep the advanced collaboration features working?
If you are comfortable with disabling automated updates, you can go ahead and disable the Office update configuration on your clients.
In addition it could also be helpful to inform your users upfront of the coming Patch Tuesday.

Of course you can always use the advanced features from WebApp if needed.