DeskApp is designed to be the bridge between WebApp and your desktop. In the previous release we worked on various stability fixes and introduced new behavior such as zooming, the ability to clear cache and reloading DeskApp.


We fixed the following issues/features:

- Newly designed login screen
- Attachments with the “&” sign can now be sent via context menu
- Windows installer error pop-up is now fixed
- OS X specific issue which froze DeskApp in some cases is now fixed
- Various stability fixes


Yes, there are currently some known issues in this RC release:

The script that sets DeskApp as the default email handler on OS X has been reverted as it was unstable. We recommend users to set the defaults manually:
Mac Mail → Preferences → General → Default email reader.

DeskApp sometimes opens multiple (WebApp) tabs when OS integration features are used

These issues are currently being investigated. In case you run into any other issues, please notify us (see the “got feedback?” section of this announcement)!


The final release of DeskApp will also be made available through repositories for various distributions. We are currently finalizing the directory structures for these downloads.

The easiest way to get the DeskApp packages right now is through the download section of the Kopano portal. If you want to browse the ‘work in progress’-repositories, check out these links:

If you are interested in the latest builds – which are untested and can be unstable - you can also use our master repositories. Please note that ‘master’ builds are not supported for production use. If you want to access these builds, check out:

You can also make use of the development version (repository only) for debugging purposes. This version allows you to make use of the F12 console option. You can recognize the development version by the ‘devel’ part in the file name.

If you had access to an early release of DeskApp (through the newsletter, or because you visited us at an event), you can use the packages to upgrade your existing installation of DeskApp.


Excellent! We would love to hear what you think of this version, as well as what you would like to see in future versions of DeskApp. Let us know by emailing , on the DeskApp forum or through the regular support channels.