There seems to be several issues in your implementation of a print-functionality in ViewerJS.

Several bugs are persisting in Webapp 2.2.0:
- caching-issue: pdf pages not always get parsed - pages that were not viewed in ViewerJS will stay blank on the print output.
- cropped and misaligned pages on OS X and Windows 7 - see attachement (didn't recognize a pattern here when this happens)
- no possiblity to print just the document as is (without borders; this doesn't happen in pdf.js)

We are using Firefox ESR.

As ViewerJS does not yet seem to have print-functionality built in, I guess you borrowed from pdf.js.
pdf.js is working very well in my experience - I wonder what your design rationale is to use ViewerJS over pdf.js.

Looking forward to have these resolved or to get any tips on how to achieve this!

Best, Luca

ps. As of your Forum's filesize restrictions I uploaded the attachements to my instance of owncloud at: