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Thread: User unabled to login to Webapp - loading screen goes round in circles

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    User unabled to login to Webapp - loading screen goes round in circles

    I am having trouble with one particular user who is unable to login to Webapp, the credentials appear to be accepted but the loading page simply goes around in circles indefinitely.

    It appears to be affecting her on multiple machines, other users can login fine.

    I am thinking some part of her user profile may have become corrupt. Can anyone point me in the direction of anything that might help me diagnose the problem?

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    Hi Markct,

    Could you post the details of your server, WebApp version and the errors you get in the browser's console?


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    I have exactly the same on my own server. I made a new store and could work for a day and then changed some settings and it happens again.

    Downgrading to webapp 2.2.0 BETA 1 fixes it, RC1 fails also.

    Zarafa 7.2.3, Webapp 2.2.0-final on Ubuntu 14.04 with Zarafa deb packages.

    I saw this error with firebug: TypeError: a.groupings[b].folders is undefined

    Important note, I did not change anything on the server for over a week, other users are fine and can open the folders of the 'bad' user

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    The fix from here: seems to help

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