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Thread: WebApp 2.2.0 and embedded images in html signatures

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    WebApp 2.2.0 and embedded images in html signatures

    Hi all,

    I don't know if it is the right place to put this bug request.

    I have an issue with the new WebApp compaired to WebAccess which was working fine for this feature.

    In WebApp, if you set that you send your email in html format, you can create a html signature.
    I use HTML signatures to add pictures of the company, phone, email, fax etc. logo.
    On the main screen after logon, if I click on Parameters and then on email, I can set the signatures.
    If I create a signature with an image by copy/paste or even by clicking on the Insert/edit icon and then set the image as '...', all is fine and the pictures are displayed correctly in the signature.
    I then click on Save (for the signature) and then on the Apply button below.

    If I keep the Parameters open, I create a new email to which I add the html signature. The embeded image is correctly displayed, no broken image icon.

    Then, if I close Parameters (switch to the email display view) and create a new email, the signature displays a broken image icon and the embeded images are no longer working until I open the Parameters and reset the images by copy/paste or whatever. As long as the Parameters view is opened and the signature is (re)created, the embeded images are working fine.

    The handling of the images in the HTML signatures is broken.

    I hope it can be solved for the next release.

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