While it may look and feel like a browser application, the real power is underneath the hood (and in many cases, yet to be unleashed). DeskApp will continue to be developed into a fat-client-like, native application that can run natively on (almost) all platforms! From the beginning, we will support the various Linux distributions, Windows and Mac OSX and provide installer packages.

This third public beta release of Zarafa DeskApp is our first step to bring WebApp closer to the desktop.

What will DeskApp evolve into?

DeskApp will grow into the bridge between WebApp and your desktop. In the future we will work on more advanced integration features. Think of integration with your file system (easier access from within the application), mail handler registration (using DeskApp as your default email client), or the ability to create a new mail from a file context menu.

What can I expect from this third public beta release?

This third public beta release introduces integration with Windows and Linux operating systems. You can attach files to your emails from any location on your file system, use DeskApp as your default email client and create new items by clicking the taskbar icon. It also resolves quite a few other issues that were reported by our test group:

- Print preview window in a normal size
- OS integration for Windows, Linux and Mac
- Support for SSO environments
- DeskApp cache is cleared after a WebApp upgrade
- External links can be opened again
- Desktop notifications
- On Linux, DeskApp is in some cases seen as a Chromium tab
- Various stability fixes

Are there any known issues?

Yes, there are some known issues. This release is still intended for a tech-savvy audience, comfortable to work with beta software. Three prominent known issues are:

- On Windows, if you had DeskApp ‘pinned’ to your taskbar, this pin will be removed when upgrading.
- Links can be opened multiple times in your browser
- OS integration on Mac still needs to be improved
- For the next release, we will be investigating solutions for these issues. In case you run into any other issue, contact us (see the “got feedback” section of this announcement)!

Getting the packages

The packages are available on our download server and can be accessed using your portal credentials. A changelog is not provided at this time.

If you had access to an early preview release of DeskApp (through the newsletter, or because you visited us at Zarafa Tour), you can use the packages to upgrade your existing installation of DeskApp to this first official beta release.

Got feedback?

Excellent! We would love to hear what you think of this first version, as well as what you would like to see in future versions of DeskApp. Let us know by emailing , on the DeskApp forum or through the regular support channels.