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Thread: ZCP 7.2.3 RC1 is available

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    Lightbulb ZCP 7.2.3 RC1 is available

    We are glad to announce the immediate availability of ZCP 7.2.3 RC1.

    What's new in this release candidate?

    With this release candidate we've added some new features and bugfixes which allow better support and compatibility.

    Software Collections

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux introduced the Software Collections (SCL's) - supported by Red Hat - allowing the availability of more recent versions of specific software components for existing enterprise releases without forcing usage of these packages (as they are not API/ABI safe with distribution included packages).

    Practically this means that with Red Hat providing these SCL's we are able to build PHP-MAPI based on PHP 5.6 for RHEL 6 and RHEL 7 based on the rh-php56 software collection, and provide these to our customers in a standardized way. You can easily identify the ZCP builds with the "-php-56" suffix in the end of the package name. With these packages, you will be able to install and run the next release of WebApp 2.2 on, for example, RHEL 6. RHEL 6 only ships 5.3 per default and would be unsupported by WebApp 2.2, since the minimum requirement for WebApp 2.2 is PHP 5.4.

    For more information on Software Collections, feel free to check out the official page .

    And more...

    Next to the SCL changes, we've made some more changes available with this release:

    Of course, this release includes all changes made in 7.2.3 beta 1, most notably:

    Where do I find it?

    As usual, you can get your ZCP download via our and for the community versions, please refer to our .


    Please note that after the final release of this ZCP version (7.2.3) some packages will be removed, since they have exceeded their support lifecycle period or have been superseded:

    The Path towards final

    If no critical issues are found, we intend to re-brand this RC as final. Our release schedule plan is set to the 20th of April for release of the final version.

    Got Feedback?

    We are always interested in your feedback! Contact our support team or drop your feedback here on the forum!

    Changelog 7.2.3

    [ZCP-12958] provide for cache status analytics
    [ZCP-13263] Apply “static” and “const” modifiers whereever possible
    [ZCP-13339] Improving segv handler, evaluating siginfo_t data
    [ZCP-13390] No login with WebAccess accessing without SSL support enabled
    [ZCP-13590] Add ACL support in python-zarafa
    [ZCP-13611] removing redundant my_getopt code
    [ZCP-13723] Newline character in zarafa-search useragent prevents proper parsing of zarafa-stats --session --dump
    [ZCP-13771] zarafa-admin -l does not show all users after upgrade to 7.2 with specific LDAP versions
    [ZCP-13810] ECLogger method which includes a backtrace in its output
    [ZCP-13811] php-mapi updateFB() should write empty free/busy information if calendar is empty
    [ZCP-13852] qa-test: zarafa-server crash with bind: "db: zarafa"
    [ZCP-13858] backup-plus: do not break metadata backup if one acl/rule fails
    [ZCP-13865] Implement additional attachment storage backend
    [ZCP-13888] bash-completion references not existing package bash-completion on SLE11
    [ZCP-13890] userscript failure during user creation
    [ZCP-13891] python-mapi crash in MAPIFolder::testOpenProperty
    [ZCP-13897] unable to install php-mapi on ubuntu 12.04
    [ZCP-13900] Segfault starting zarafa-server 7.2.2 after search folder initialization with broken search folders
    [ZCP-13903] Errors were encountered while processing: libfreebusy and libzarafasync when upgrading
    [ZCP-13906] Build php-mapi for RHEL/CentOS SCL PHP packages
    [ZCP-13905] add backup-plus manpage
    [ZCP-13908] Improve logging on zarafa-search permission denied errors instead of creating python tracebacks
    [ZCP-13909] unable to install zarafa-common on debian 6
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