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Thread: A big step closer to a new version: WebApp 2.2.0 beta 2

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    A big step closer to a new version: WebApp 2.2.0 beta 2

    We’ve set a goal to make communication easier and faster, while providing a more more enjoyable experience for the user. WebApp 2.2 introduces a new, modern look & feel which enables users to handle their communication from a single interface, that brings us closer to that goal.

    This is the second beta for WebApp 2.2 and it marks the ‘feature completeness’ of the new WebApp. For starters, the basic elements of the new design have been implemented for the all main sections. There are many other larger and smaller features and improvements. A deep dive trough some of the highlights:

    The first beta already introduced the brand new look and feel for WebApp – on which we’ve received a lot of positive feedback! We now introduce theming, which allows you to select a different look for WebApp.

    You can even create your own theme: change some colors and add your own logo’s, or go all out and change anything you like. Getting started with theming is easiest when using the example theme package, available for download .

    Introduction of ‘basic shortcuts’
    Support for keyboard shortcuts was introduced in one of the first versions of WebApp and it provided two choices: on or off. We quickly learned that the ‘on’ setting, which introduced a large amounts of shortcuts, conflicted with existing shortcuts (e.g. in browsers or other applications). We now introduce the new ‘basic’ setting that enables just the most frequently used shortcuts. The old ‘on’ setting has been renamed to ‘advanced’ – if you previously had shortcuts enabled the ‘advanced’ profile has been enabled.

    Improved search toolbox
    The search toolbox in advanced search has also been improved. Smarter selections help you choose the type of data you are looking for in less clicks. You can select the parts of email you want to search through and new filters help you limit your results to unread items and just items with attachments.

    Authentication & presence service
    Not immediately visible to the user, but certainly a step forward in plugin and integration options. A new authentication service makes sure that a plugin developer can access the login status of a user in a simplified way. The new presence service creates uniform presence status indicators and can deal with multiple plugins that supply presence information. A plugin can be registered to provide status updates, and WebApp handles displaying to the user. Both of these services make current and future integrations a lot easier!

    And even more...

    At the end of 2015 we shared the first beta of WebApp 2.2.0 with you. We are now ready to make the next step: the second (and last!) beta release for WebApp with some new features and enhancements of which we hope you are as enthusiastic as we were when developing them.

    A note on PHP compatibility
    In this blogpost we shared that a lot of new features in WebApp will require a modern version of PHP to run properly. WebApp 2.2.0 is supported in combination with PHP 5.4 or newer. More information is also available in the Support Lifecycle Document.

    Where can I download the packages?
    The packages are available for download from the . A is also available.

    Plugins and DeskApp must also be updated
    The new authentication framework also required changes in some plugins and DeskApp. This means that you will also have to update these applications – the DeskApp and plugin packages have been made available and can be downloaded from the portal. The MDM plugin can be downloaded .

    How can I provide you with feedback?
    Let our support teams know via the regular channels, contact or leave your message in the forum topic.
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    Hi All,

    I have updated to webapp 2.2.0 beta 2. Since then I have trouble with the mdm plugin. Z-PUSH Log shows the following...

    What can I do?

    z-push is running on the same server as the zarafa server and the webapp server...

    cu emtie
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    Did you also update the MDM plugin?


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    Hi Marty,

    found it, installed the update and everything was fine. Thanks

    cu emtie
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    I've update webapp from Beta1 to Beta2, but now the settings page doesn't appear anymore.
    When i click on the "button" settings the screen remains the same. The only thing that is happening is the tree list on the left. This is sliding in.
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    The searching looks really good, however I noticed that the search lets you check for unread messages but you still can't do this in the inbox filter itself? When will this feature be implemented?
    IT Engineer,
    ClearOS 5.2, Zarafa 7.1.x
    ClearOS 6.5, Zarafa 7.1.10-7.2.x

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    That happened to me, too and was due to some outdated plugins still being installed. Make sure to update all plugins and remove old ones not made for 2.2

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    Hi Chomes,

    There is no progress regarding this feature request, however we will look into it in the near future. You can use to track all progress.

    Kind regards,

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    i would like to see a screenshot of the new search options. Perhaps you can bring us a picture of that.

    Would also like to know if the presentation of the search results has changed.



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    Hi Hendrik,

    I would say install the version and check it!


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