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Thread: A big step closer to a new version: WebApp 2.2.0 beta 2

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    Thanks. This worked.
    Only some dependencies with my Clearos installation is now broken.

    These were the files i've removed:

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    I've been looking further into the webapp search I have to say you've resolved a complaint a customer had which is being able to only search the current folder and not all the sub folders within the folder. Thanks for that this really helps out big time.
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    ClearOS 5.2, Zarafa 7.1.x
    ClearOS 6.5, Zarafa 7.1.10-7.2.x

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    hi i installed 2.2b2 but during install opted to keep the old config file. the old config file i assume has vars for theme selection. how can i extract the example config file from the package ?

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    If you're using debian/ubuntu the new config file is in /etc/zarafa/webapp it's called config.php.dpkg-dist

    You can swap over your config from there.
    IT Engineer,
    ClearOS 5.2, Zarafa 7.1.x
    ClearOS 6.5, Zarafa 7.1.10-7.2.x

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    An user
    Thanks for the latest release of WebApp. I was running the previous latest releases and did not experience any of the issues I am seeing now with WebApp 2.2.0 beta 2 and ZCP 7.2.3 RC1

    A couple of issues:

    1. system log is filled with these errors and I'm not sure what's causing them

    2. Unable to login to WebApp unless I clear the browser cache after submitting my credentials and I believe this is due to the new fingerprint service, ref WA-8073. I'm not seeing any error messages in the logs- not sure how to troubleshoot this one. Tested using firefox, IE, chrome but strangely enough I am able to login with safari from the first attempt.

    3. Unable to logout from WebApp on firefox, IE and chrome. Logging out whilst on Safari results in a page cannot be displayed with 'Too many redirects occurred trying to open “' being reported in the browser log.


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    Hi Wiz,

    These errors are caused by ZCP. Ticket can be found here:
    Issue will be fixed in the next release.

    The WebApp releated questions (2,3) are handled in the other topic here: !


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