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Thread: ZCP 7.2.3 beta 1 is available

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    Lightbulb ZCP 7.2.3 beta 1 is available

    We are glad to announce the immediate availability of ZCP 7.2.3 beta 1.

    This beta release includes some stability fixes, especially with broken search folders which have not been cleaned up over time. Another fix was made for very large environments in which the zarafa-admin utility did not show up all users larger than the configured ldap page size, even though these have been available in the backend and via zarafa-admin's –details calls.

    This release also has added support for ACLs with python-zarafa and next to these changes we've included a number of smaller optimizations.

    Where do I find it?

    As usual, you can get your ZCP download via our and for the community versions, please refer to our .


    Please note that after the final release of this ZCP version (7.2.3) some packages will be removed, since they have exceeded their support lifecycle period or have been superseded:

    This means 7.2.3 final will be the last version where these packages will still be included.

    The Path towards final

    As usual, every release of ZCP includes many fixes in terms of stability, which will also be included into the next release. Our release schedule plan is set to the 20th of April for release of the final version.

    Got Feedback?

    We are always interested in your feedback! Contact our support team or drop your feedback here on the forum!

    Changelog 7.2.3

    [ZCP-13900] Segfault starting zarafa-server 7.2.2 after search folder initialization with broken search folders
    [ZCP-13891] python-mapi crash in MAPIFolder::testOpenProperty
    [ZCP-13890] userscript failure during user creation
    [ZCP-13590] Add ACL support in python-zarafa
    [ZCP-13771] zarafa-admin -l does not show all users after upgrade to 7.2 with specific LDAP versions
    [ZCP-13865] Implement additional attachment storage backend
    [ZCP-13263] Apply "static" and "const" modifiers whereever possible
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    zcp 7.2.3 beta1 issues

    Hi Zarafa team,

    first thanks for fixing this nasty Search Folder bug. I ran into it myself () and now it is working again without the need for additional patching.

    I noticed the following issues with the current beta:

    gateway and ical are not working in IPv6 setup

    With the default settings (no bind address in server.cfg) the daemons above are not working. I receive the following log messages.

    Binding the server explicitely to solved this issue.

    Kernel log is flooded with netlink messages:

    As I am running on Gentoo self compiled binaries are used.

    Best Regards,

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    Citing (and RELNOTES.txt from the source archive):
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    Hi, thanks for coming back on this. I got it now. It is working now with a IPv6 setup.

    Best Regards,

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    i just upgraded my zarafa installation from 7.2 to 7.3. After successfully upgrading the my syslog is flooded with the following:

    I have disabled IPv6 on my Ubuntu 14 LTS system. If i set the option "server_bind" to "" in server.cfg i am not receiving these errors. But i need to bind the server on all interfaces.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hello darootler,

    I've replied to this issue in the 7.2.3-Final release thread:

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