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Thread: Webapp 2.2.0 Release?

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    Thanks Martyn,

    do you know, if the Zarafa-Team have plans for php7 and when we can get a Release for php7?

    Greetings, joker.

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    Hi Martyn, the MDM we already discussed, all fine.

    I have now a different problem with Webapp RC1.

    - one ZCP server (production 7.2.1 Debian 8) and both the current webapp production version (latest) as well as webapp 2.2 RC1 on a separate virtual machine.

    Under very heavy load of the ZCP server (forcefully sending big attachments etc. etc.) the new version gets "Invalid response from the server" and them you click OK and you are redirected to the login screen.

    I have never seen this in the older (and production) versions of Webapp but I believe what may have been happening is that you get something like "timeout" or stuff like that and then it reconnects. This behaviour is better as at least you do not lose what you already had on the screen (e.g. you may be editing an e-mail or other).

    I have had not much chance to investigate this further so apologies if this isn't correct. I will refer back if I am able to replicate it again. I have seen it 2/3 times so far.

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    I have been so far unable to reproduce it again with the release version. I have had it a couple of times after installation and that was it...

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    Hi !
    I'm using MDM 1.1 beta 1 from your download page, and am experiencing this behavior (something went wrong). After disabling the plugin everything is ok, but I really need it.
    What is the solution you're talking about?


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