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Thread: Migration from Small Bussiness Server 2003 to Zarafa

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    Migration from Small Bussiness Server 2003 to Zarafa


    I have to migrate calendar data, and mailboxes from a MS Small Bussiness Server 2003 to Zarafa. Until now I configured Zarafa with Webapp, MySQL and Postfix. There will be Dovecot for IMAP too. It works so far. But now there's the most tricky part - the migration.

    1. We want to get rid of our MS domain infrastructure, because it's only reason to be there is running Exchange services.

    2. The most migration howto's don't work with exchange 2003. I thought about to extract .pst files for each mailbox. Are there any tools to manage it with 2003 Exchange? Or do you have better suggestions?

    3. Do I have to use LDAP or will it work with MySQL database users too?

    This Projekt is part of my final exams for my on-the-job-training. I'm a little bit lost, because there's nobody of my trainers who's into open source or linux. I want to show them, that there's more than MS in computer technology, which works.

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    Hello Nemash,

    you can use the migration tool to migrate from Exchange (even 2003) to Zarafa. See for more information.

    But having all the mails in a separate dovecot mailstore does not make that much sense. For certain functionality to work (sending and receiving meeting invitations) the mailstore of Zarafa should be used.

    You dont neccesarily have to run an LDAP server to manage your users but its highly recommended to unify user management. If you're worried about the setup and maintenance I would recommend you to take a look at for example Univention (there is a free core edition as well) which does all the ldap stuff for you in the background and you can simply install Zarafa from their appcenter. I think your MS minded trainers will like it.
    Regards Felix

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