I've installed a Zarafa server (v. 7.2.1-51838) on my existing Apache web server on Ubuntu 14.04. The installation went well and my SQL/postfix installation is working perfectly. In the mail log I can see that I'm receiving mails correctly. But I can't log in via WebAccess. The login page is coming up and I can enter my login name and password and nothing happens. The login page reappears with empty user and password fields. No messages about wrong user name or password. There is nothing in any of the Zarafa logs despite I'm using log level 5. But my mail log says "zarafa-server[4926]: authenticate ok user='[email protected]<domain>' from='file:///var/run/zarafa' method='User supplied password' program='apache2". I've been running a Zarafa test VPS in about 2 weeks now without any problems. Same configuration: Ubuntu 14.04 with Apache, mySQL and Zarafa 7.2.1. Please help me. I must have done something wrong but I can't figure it out.

Best regards