Hello my dear Zarafa developers,

I'm using the latest final Webapp to access my mails. This is an awesome and mighty part of software I won’t miss on my PC. But often I use foreign tablets, like the apple ipad, to access my mails. For this very special use case Webapp isn't very optimal.

Checking other projects and Mailserver setups I figured out the developer uncoupled the Mailstorage like Cyrus-IMAP from the Webmailer. To access your mails on the Cyrus-IMAP server you could use Roundcube- , Rainloop-, Mail-Pile-Webapp all at the same time. All of them communicate with the server through the IMAP-Protocol.

In my use case I needed a very functional and simple interface which works on any tablet I might use. Rainloop seemed to be the perfect supplement. And indeed it works great. Except for the order of the mails. This becomes a big Problem, when you have an enormous Inbox-Folder since you don't see the latest Mail at the top / on the first page.

The reason seems to be dedicated to a missing SORT CAPABILITY in the IMAP-Server => Zarafa-Gateway.


This becomes a problem on any other software or device like iOS, which wants to show a limited amount of mails from zarafa by imap-protocol. The order looks very random. I guess the generic sort criteria is the last time I moved an e-mail into the specific folder or the mail-id.

I wonder whether it's possible for you to implement the IMAP SORT CAPABILITY on the Date-Field for Zarafa-Gateway?