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Thread: No line breaks if html mail received or sent

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    No line breaks if html mail received or sent

    Hello there,

    I hope I this is the correct place for my problem.

    Like the title says if I write mails with setting "Compose mail in this format: HTML" there are no line breaks at all. I created a mail with a very long line without any line breaks and sent it to myself. When viewing the mail I have to scroll sideways to see the whole line. This somehow doesn't appear in Plain Text format. Also my collegues have this problem when using/writing and receiving html mails.

    I couldn't find much about that problem in the internet or in the forums here so I created this new thread.

    I recently updated Zarafa (ZCP 7.2.1-51838) and the WebApp (2.1.2) to the latest stable version without any problems. This behavior occured after the update. The installations runs on a wheezy machine. Do you need any further information? We arecurrently using the non commercial community version of Zarafa.

    Thanks in advance and best regards,

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    Hi Fred,

    I've created a ticket here:
    This is already fixed in 2.2.0.

    Thanks for the feedback!


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    Thank you for your fast reply Martyn!

    I will check out the beta version 2.2.0 of webapp.

    Best regards,

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    Not fixed in Kopano WebApp

    Unfortunately, this issue doesn't seem to be solved as it's still there after I upgraded Zarafa WebApp 2.1.2 to Kopano WebApp
    Was the issue eventually reintroduced?

    Cheers jassonmc

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