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Thread: zarafa-ical: Issues with daylight savings?

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    zarafa-ical: Issues with daylight savings?

    Dear all,

    in zarafa-ical 7.2.0-47017 there seems to be an issue with correct calculation of day light savings.
    Whenever I create an all day event in the near future, this works pretty fine. But as soon as the all day event is scheduled for any day after the DST transition, it will be created in zarafa correctly, but reported back via ical with an offset of -1 day.
    E.g: Creating an all day event for March 3rd works fine. An event scheduled for April 8th however will be stored correctly but reported back via ical for April 7th.
    So when I create (or edit) an event in Lightning for April 8th, it will be created in zarafa for that date, but be moved to April 7th in Lightning.

    My setup is as follows:

    Time zone: Europe/Berlin
    Server: zarafa-ical 7.2.0-47017 reverse-proxied behind an apache with mod_proxy
    Client: Thunderbird 31.3.0 with Lightning 3.3.3

    If I do a
    tcpdump -n -i lo
    on the zarafa server (thus sniffing the comms between mod_proxy and zarafa-ical), I observe the following communication:

    As one can see, the event "foobar" is created with a DTSTART of "VALUE=DATE:20150407" but reported back by zarafa-ical with a DTSTART of "VALUE=DATE:20150406

    As this only occurs when the border between normal time and DST is passed, I'd assume that there's an error within DST calculations.
    Calendars sync'ed via z-push do not show that behavior.

    This is my ical.conf:


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    Hi -XOF-,

    Thanks for reporting.
    I tested it and indeed it's broken.

    Created a ticket for this issue.

    Thanks again


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    Hi all,

    I found a similar (might be the same) problem on 7.1.11-46050 and Evolution 3.10.4 connected through ical. Every event I create between 29.03. and 25.10. (these are the DTS transition dates) will be shown one hour earlier in Evolution.
    E.g. create an event at 01.04. 09:00am will show up as 01.04. 08:00am. Webapp and mobile through z-push are fine with 09:00am

    Let me know if you need a dump.


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    Hi SOM30N3,

    Thanks for your info.
    I updated the ticket with your new info.
    Dump is not necessary, but thanks for offering


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    confirm the bug for Zarafa 7.2.0, Evolution 3.12 and 3.15 (Fedora 21/22), timezone Europe/Berlin daylight saving time.



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    To follow the ticket:


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    Any chance this will make it into 7.2.1 final release? Jira comments indicate that it is fixed and reviewed and only waiting to be pulled.
    This was reported before start of this DST which is about to end next week...

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    DST bug fixed in 7.2.1 with Evolution. Thanks!

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