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Thread: ZCP 7.2.2 beta 2 is available

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    Lightbulb ZCP 7.2.2 beta 2 is available

    We are glad to announce the immediate availability of ZCP 7.2.2 beta 2.

    With the availability of Zarafa Backup Plus included in 7.2.2 beta 2 we provide a complete rewrite of Zarafa Backup, introducing some great new features:

    Additionally, we include some more changes with this beta:

    Safe minor update: With this release we made sure that the changes introduced with ZCP 7.2.2 beta 1 do not directly affect your operation even without changing config files with the socket related changes. This allows this release to be consistent with the fact that a minor update can be updated easily without the hard requirement to change configuration parameters. For new installations, the default configuration files are automatically using the new structure of socket/pid handling.
    IMAP conformance: Improved IMAP RFC conformance of Zarafa Gateway
    Anti-loop improvements: Added more Anti-loop headers for Exchange and Vacation-Mails
    Military-grade security: Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman Exchange (ECDHE) support for TLS, providing Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)
    Cache increase: In zarafa-server we raised the default object cache sizes to allow provide better overall performance especially for very large mailboxes per default.

    Changes regarding ZCP 7.2.2 beta 1

    With the beta 1 release we introduced some major key feature enhancements, such as the direct support for systemd and the support for native IPv6 sockets, and these are of course also all included in beta 2. Additionally, we have included many upstream-related fixes which allow the operation of ZCP on a broad range of modern systems.

    To utilize these changes some minor adoptions are recommended to existing configuration files which are not (in respect on special setups) updated automatically with upgrading:

    Most daemons are now started using an unprivileged user. Be sure that "run_as_user" and "run_as_group" are commented out to use the default, "zarafa". If using our prebuilt DEB/RPM packages, this user and group will be created on installation (if not already present).
    To facilitate use of IPv6 on a single socket, zarafa-dagent no longer binds to the IPv4-only by default. It is advised to review your firewall settings and perhaps block port 2003 if applicable.
    Default socket locations have changed to /var/run/zarafad. Please review your /etc/zarafa/*.cfg and other configuration files (e.g. WebApp & Z-Push) for the server socket parameters after installation to make sure they are consistent.
    In case of Multi-Server environments not using network-based socket configurations please check the LDAP tree for the zarafaFilePath attribute of Zarafa Server objects.
    Default PID file locations have changed to /var/run/zarafad. Check for duplicate programs running on non-systemd services.
    So we recommend to plan in a small amount of time to adjust existing /etc/zarafa/*.cfg files in case you want to adapt to the new socket/pid bahavior. You can always consult the example files shipped with installation, like for example with the *.rpmnew files installed in parallel.

    Recommended config changes at a glance

    The following default configuration file parameters have received changes:

    Files: admin.cfg, backup.cfg, dagent.cfg, gateway.cfg, ical.cfg, licensed.cfg, monitor.cfg, search.cfg, spooler.cfg
    Change the parameters: server_socket, run_as_user, run_as_group
    Files: dagent.cfg, gateway.cfg, ical.cfg, licensed.cfg, monitor.cfg, search.cfg, server.cfg, spooler.cfg
    Change the parameter: pid_file
    File: server.cfg
    Change the parameters: server_pipe_name, server_pipe_priority, search_socket, license_socket, run_as_user, run_as_group
    When using WebApp or WebAccess on the same server as ZCP, also change the file: config.php
    Change the value at: define('DEFAULT_SERVER')
    When using Z-Push on the same server as ZCP, also change: backend/zarafa/config.php
    Change the value at: define('MAPI_SERVER')
    We recommend to make sure these parameters are changed accordingly to reflect the new /var/run/zarafad subdirectory for PID files and sockets. When changed, we also recommend to change any (custom) scripts (not provided by ZCP) running on the local ZCP server pointing to use the old socket location.

    The path towards final

    As usual, every release of ZCP includes many fixes which will also be included into the next release. This release is the last beta planned for ZCP and this beta 2 is the potential release for RC promotion.

    Where do I find it?

    As usual, you can get your ZCP download via our and for the community versions, please refer to our .

    Got feedback?

    We are always interested in your feedback! Contact our support team or drop your feedback here on !
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    looks good. Finally the services seem to respond to systemd-commands. Good to see.

    You also said something about the new backup-plus package that's introduced in 7.2.2. Looks interesting, but I have one question: is this intended to do a disaster recovery with?
    So asked differently: does this back-up and restore *all* information available in the Zarafa database, that you would otherwise have when you do a straight backup/restore of the database + attachments?

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    I want to download pro version of the beta 7.2.2, but its not available in the portal.
    So where can i find the "pro" beta 7.2.2 ?

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    Found that here
    You will have to login with your portal login to access this
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    Zarafa 7.2.5 RC
    Z-Push 2.3.4, Outlook 2013/2016, Webapp 3.2.0

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    @alarbiere Thanx, i could not find this in

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    Is there no source code released for this version?

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    sorry for the delay, here you go ->
    Looking for users to test our releases, interested? send me a PM

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