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Thread: Webmeetings with App?

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    Webmeetings with App?

    Is it possible to use spreedMe WebRTC app with webmeeting?

    I figured out that it is possible to connect in ownSpreed mode successfully. But there no way to pass over credentials. Maybe it is possible in url? Any hints?


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    Okay, so far I figured out, that you have to set "authorizeRoomJoin = false" in /etc/zarafa/webmeetings.cfg

    Now I can connect an join rooms from my iPad. If the other host has a public IP, I can start a video chat - even over 3G.

    I can't join the default room and i can't start a video chat with a host behind a NAT. The NAT problem should be solveable by the TURN server. But therefor I have to learn more about STUN and TURN.

    A big problem is authenfication. At the moment everyone can connect and - even worser - he can choose every name.

    I think the only way, how you can authenticate the client is to use client Certs.

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