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Thread: ZCP 7.2.2 beta 1 is available!

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    ZCP 7.2.2 beta 1 is available!

    We are glad to announce the immediate availability of ZCP 7.2.2 beta 1. Please read this announcement carefully as there are some points that needs to be taken into account before upgrading to ZCP 7.2.2 beta 1.

    With this release we introduce some major key feature enhancements, such as the direct support for systemd and the support for native IPv6 sockets. Additionally, we have included many upstream-related fixes which allow the operation of ZCP on a broad range of modern systems.

    These changes require some changes to existing configuration files which are not (in respect on special setups) updated automatically and require attention with upgrading:

    So please plan in a small amount of time to adjust existing /etc/zarafa/*.cfg files, as these changes are required for operation. You can always consult the example files shipped with installation, like for example with the *.rpmnew files installed in parallel.

    Required config changes at a glance
    The following configuration file parameters have received changes:

    Please make sure these parameters are changed accordingly to reflect the new /var/run/zarafad subdirectory for PID files and sockets. Any (custom) scripts running on the local ZCP server may also be affected by this change.

    The path towards final
    As usual, every release of ZCP includes many fixes in terms of stability, which will also be included into the next release. With ZCP 7.2.2 we will introduce Zarafa Backup Plus which is the successor to our existing Zarafa Backup introducing great new features - more details on Zarafa Backup Plus will be made available with the Release of ZCP 7.2.2 beta 2. We additionally intend to provide some smaller improvements like support for ECDHE which allows perfect forward secrecy (PFS).

    Got feedback?
    We are always interested in your feedback! Contact our support team or drop your feedback in this forum topic!
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    I just checked out the download folders. And while you have a community build for OpenSuSE Leap 42.1, which afaik is based on SLES 12 Service Pack 1. You only seem to have Vanilla SLES 12 builds for the supported version of zcp.

    Are there plans to have SLES 12sp1 builds. Or are the avaiable SLES12 builds confirmed and tested compatible with SLES12sp1?

    thanks a lot in advance for any info/clarification.

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    The SLE_* targets are always built against the latest SP only even if the directory name does not reflect it.

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