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Thread: contact folder disappeared

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    Hi Uwe,

    Please try this script

    You need python zarafa for this, this is included in ZCP 7.2.x and can be downloaded from our page
    Usage: --user <username> --create <foldername> --systemfolder contacts

    Please keep in mind that this script is only tested on some test machines and i can't give you a guarantee that it will work, so please make a backup before using it.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Robin,
    thank you for this. I followed your instructions and downloaded both links (the script and python zarafa from github), but I can't see, where python zarafa is used.

    When calling I get this answer:
    $ sudo python --user gustav --create Kontakte --systemfolder contacts
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 102, in <module>
    File "", line 38, in main
    oldfolder = getattr(, options.systemfolder)
    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/zarafa/", line 794, in contacts
    return Folder(self, HrGetOneProp(self._root, PR_IPM_CONTACT_ENTRYID).Value)
    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/zarafa/", line 982, in __init__
    self.mapiobj = store.mapiobj.OpenEntry(entryid, IID_IMAPIFolder, MAPI_MODIFY)
    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/", line 445, in OpenEntry
    def OpenEntry(self, *args): return _MAPICore.IMsgStore_OpenEntry(self, *args)
    MAPI.Struct.MAPIErrorNotFound: MAPI error 8004010F

    Thank You for any help.
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    Hi Uwe,

    That was my mistake. This script was made for a system folder that was still available but not visible.
    New version should not touch the old folder.

    Kind regards,

    Robin van Genderen

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    Hi Robin,
    now I get the following message:
    $ sudo python --user gustav --create Kontakte --systemfolder contacts
    create tmp folder Kontakte
    Kontakte already exist

    Nevertheless webapp still tells me that contacts folder is missing:
    Fehlende Ordner
    Der folgende Ordner fehlt in der Hierarchie:
    Die vollständige Funktionalität von WebApp kann durch dies beeinträchtigt sein.

    english version:
    Missing folders
    The following required folder is missing in the hierarchy:
    Not all functionality of WebApp might be working properly because of this.

    Looking at all subfolders of "Inbox" I see, that there is a "Kontakte" -folder (after marking "show all subfolders"), but it is empty. (I'm sorry, but I don't know, if it was there before I ran the

    Thanks - Uwe

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    If it is empty just remove or rename it.
    Script will stop indeed if the name already exist.

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    Hi Robin,
    now I renamed the old subfolder and started the script again. The answer of the script now is:

    create tmp folder Kontakte
    Promote new folder to be a system folder

    Looking into webapp now shows, that the new folder "Kontakte" is there - but it is a mail folder, not a list of contacts. Changing to the "Kontakte"-function brings up the old (renamed) contacts folder, not the new one.

    So the script doesn't help.


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    because I couldn't fix the problem, i now solved it with a workaround: I generated a new user and copied my contacts and calender entries with my android device (export-import-functions). The transfer of my old emails was not necessary, but would have been possible with a mail client or imapsync.
    Thanks to all who tried to help!

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    That's very strange, i have exactly the same problem today, the "contacts" folder disappeared and i can't get it back, how can this be without any user intervention?
    I use Zarafa 7.2.1 with Webapp 2.1.2


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    I have the same Problem. Also my contacts Folder disappeard but I don't have the ability to restore it via work around. Is it possible to get it form the database?

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    it seems have to do something with Windows Phone 8.1. A user said he just deleted two contacts on the Phone an then the whole contcats dissapeard after sync.

    Kind regards

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