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Thread: Created Plugin or Widget won't run

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    Question Created Plugin or Widget won't run

    Hey Guys,

    I try to write a Plugin that Display the Store Size (Capacity) much more in the main Part of the Webapp Frontend. I think no User look under the Settings Part.
    My Problem is i try to write it as Widget and as Plugin Version but Both won't run under my Zarafa Server :-/. The Plugin is not shown under Settings->Plugins and the same with the Widget.

    Where can i search for my Problem.

    The Support say i should write it in this Area of the Forum not in the Webapp Development Area.

    Zarafa Server Version: ZCP 7.2.0-48204
    Webapp Version: WebApp 2.1.1

    This is only Testing Code ;-) not the finish Version

    Widget Version
    Plugin Version
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    Nobody a Answer? :-(

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    Hi Snopy,

    I'm not a developer, but it looks like this is not correct:
    - container.registerWidget expects an object as parameter.
    - Dir name, widgetname in manifest and widgetname should be identical. Your plugin is not loaded at all, because javascript does know it exist.

    Maybe this can help:


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