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Thread: Z-Push not working with iPhone, working in Browser

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    Z-Push not working with iPhone, working in Browser

    Hi there,

    I've just installed Z-Push on my Debian Jessie-Server in combination with Apache and PHP. I'm connecting to it get's me to the password prompt, I put my login data into it and it connects me saying
    So, I think it should be working, right? Nah...

    If I connect to it via my iPhone with the same login data as stated before, "Domain" is empty and "Server" is domain.tld, it states me "Unable to verify account information" - it's not working at all. Attached you'll see my z-push-log, error-log is empty.

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    you maybe missing some thing in apache.

    try/check this part if it exists in the vhost.

    Alias /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync /usr/share/z-push/index.php

    # all alliases, i saw that tried ( android/iphone/win Phone/ )
    Alias /Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml /usr/share/z-push/autodiscover/autodiscover.php
    Alias /AutoDiscover/AutoDiscover.xml /usr/share/z-push/autodiscover/autodiscover.php
    Alias /autodiscover/autodiscover.xml /usr/share/z-push/autodiscover/autodiscover.php

    <Directory /usr/share/z-push>
    Options -Indexes
    AllowOverride none
    Order allow,deny
    allow from all
    php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off
    php_flag register_globals off
    php_flag magic_quotes_runtime off
    php_flag short_open_tag on

    and you have enabled :
    define('USE_FULLEMAIL_FOR_LOGIN', true);
    in the z-push/config.php
    since your using e-mail adres as login, so im assuming a Multi domain setup.

    and you are using the "exchange" setup in you iphone?

    and are you using autodiscover or did you manualy setup?

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    What backend are you using for Z-Push? sounds a bit like you're not using Zarafa...
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    I'm using BackendIMAP with Dovecot.

    I'm not missing the Alias in Apache, I even can access die Z-Push-Login with my Browser. The PHP-Flags are set also. :/

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    I cannot see any attempt in the log file shown above that has an iPhone user agent listed.

    Can you click on the "Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the account page and verify that Use SSL is enabled.

    Do you have a commercial SSL certificate?

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    Yeah, Use SSL is enabled and I'm using a certificate from StartSSL (Class 2).

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