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Thread: BOUNTY or COMMUNITY PROJECT: FIlter messages by size

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    BOUNTY or COMMUNITY PROJECT: FIlter messages by size

    A non-profit organization (NGO) is moving to Zarafa from Exchange. On Exchange they have rules available to sort messages based on size and move larger messages to a folder. Here's what was happening on Exchange.

    1) If user receives a message from and the message is large, perhaps with an attachment of a smiling kitten, that message gets moved to another folder other than the inbox.

    2) Then, gets an auto-response telling him that his message is too large and to consider sending a message smaller than "X" KB next time.

    3) gets an e-mail saying, "You got a message from which was too large and was moved."

    The reason for this is that many of the users for this NGO are in very remote areas with only a satellite phone for Internet access. With prices of $1 per megabyte, they have to conserve their data usage.

    There are a couple of ways in my mind of doing this. One would be as a plugin for WebApp or as a built-in feature to WebApp (Hey, Zarafa, this makes you more competitive with Microsoft Exchange!).

    The other way seems to be a dagent plugin.

    I'm willing to put some BOUNTY money toward seeing this done. Alternately, someone might want to help just because they want to help out this NGO. If you are able to do this and interested, please reply here or contact me via PM.

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    With exchange this is possible, but zarafa is NOT a MTA itzelf, so this is done by postfix ( exim, any other mta ).
    I dont know if this is possible, but you can ask the postfix mailing list.
    Or see what you can do with the email rules within zarafa.
    and for this you need a policy service, some of the more popular ones are listed here:

    Of course, you could write you own:

    and an example.

    This is also MTA, or by antispam filter, if you put a mailscanner for example in front of zarafa, this is possible.

    Again configurable by mailscanner.

    A "free" mailscanner which works good :

    so few options.
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    We created a custom dagent script for this project.

    Kind regards,


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