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Thread: [RC2] WebApp 2.1.2 RC 2 is available

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    Smile [RC2] WebApp 2.1.2 RC 2 is available

    WebApp 2.1 introduced a lot of usability related features. Infinite scrolling, advanced calendar features improved editing with power paste and even a new interface language, among many other things. We are now introducing a second maintenance release of WebApp 2.1, fixing several issues reported by our customers and partners.

    WebApp 2.1.2 Release Candidate 2

    On December 17th, a first release candidate of WebApp 2.1.2 was released. We received feedback on two topics. Some users reported that the loading screen got stuck in certain cases, and that converting HTML email text to regular (plain) text added additional spaces between words and sentences. We have been able to resolve these issues in a new 2.1.2 Release Candidate, available for download today.

    Where do I get the packages?

    New packages are available on our . The changelog is also available . Please note: if you are currently running the beta of Zarafa Files 2.0, do not install the Zarafa Files packages included in this release: these are not compatible with the Zarafa Files 2.0 beta packages.

    Can I provide feedback?

    We are interested in your feedback! Drop it in this forum topic, or contact the support team!

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    The change log shows :

    WA-9146 WebApp stuck on loading for some users

    - unfortunately the bug is not fixed, still stuck in the login screen

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    Hi Geli,

    Could you reset the users settings and check if you can login after that..


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    Can you paste the full error + the index.php somewhere for us to look into.



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