For enterprise and multi-tenant systems, we need some new LDAP attributes such as:

zarafaWebMeetingsEnabled = 1|0
An attribute to determine whether a specific user has access to WebMeetings. COMPANY LEVEL or USER|GROUP LEVEL. If company level, no webmeeting access is enabled.

zarafaWebMeetingsHidden = 1|0
An attribute to determine whether a specific user's presence is hidden from other users. USER|GROUP LEVEL.

zarafaPresenceHidden = 1|0
An attribute to determine at the company level whether a specific user's presence is visible to other users. Similar to the above, but this could affect other services in the future which make use of 'presence.' USER|GROUP LEVEL or COMPANY LEVEL.

zarafaPresenceGlobal = ???
An attribute to determine whether a user or an entire company are visible across the whole server or server suite or whether they are visible ONLY to users within their own company/LDAP branch. USER LEVEL, GROUP LEVEL or COMPANY LEVEL. This is related to the earlier thread I opened. Some companies will not want their WebApp users to appear to other company's WebApp users. This needs to be addressed VERY soon.

zarafaMeetAs = dn|cn|uid|whatever
An attribute like SendAs which allows a secretary to "lurk" as someone else in order to handle chat/calls/etc. This is important from an executive standpoint. If a company president uses WebApp in a large company, he/she doesn't want to chance being bombarded with WebMeetings or chats throughout the day. Let the secretary take care of this.

Can anyone think of any others which are needed?